Surviving during Somnolence

It was late night. The Sun had set and the world was engulfed in darkness. There was no Moon in sight. The light that was pouring in from all the artificial street lights did nothing to hide the terror that the New Yorkers were facing.


Another building fell apart. People were running and screaming. They had no where to hide. What seemed like the remains of a human fell in front of me. I knew that the creature was behind me. I stood stiff without moving and prayed so hard. The Godzilla was tearing the city apart. Captain America was no where to be seen. Apparently he was fictional.

Only a huge stonewall separated me from the disgusting creature. I had learnt quickly that it was blind and was relying on it’s other senses to torture us. After what seemed like an eternity, I was able to hear it’s steps receding from me. I slowly peeked to see if the zone was all clear. Pheww, that was a close call.

I sent a silent prayer to God. I had escaped. Once again.

I ran as fast as I could to the nearest place I know that was safe for the night when I heard screaming from another direction. Oh no , What now?

Three months of hiding and running had made me agile. Although Darwin was wrong to eat the exotic animals, He was not wrong about survival of the fittest.

A huge lobster, half the size of the Empire State building, had people running all over Broadway Lafayette. This is unbelievable. When asked why anyone in their right mind would try creating giant scary and supposedly fictional animals, the scientists, who were quite safe living in Roosevelt Island had said, “It’s for the advancement of mankind”. Well, Trevor, mankind is quite advanced in running away from giant animals right now. I hoped that they don’t try reviving the Kraken.

Manhattan was infiltrated with beasts . Somehow the people were not able to flee the city . Why were there so many people? It had been three months. Why can’t they escape the city?

Omg the scientists are running a trial run with us!” I realised.

But my anger at the realization was short lived as I heard the lobster with it’s tentacles right behind me.

I woke up gasping and covered with sweat. Phew…. It was all a dream.

What you just read above is a dream I had today morning. It was actually a nightmare and I tried penning it down because I thought it made a good story!



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