New York or No Where??

When you move from your home to a different place, you expect to experience adventures and hardships and inertia and entropy.

But New York isn’t just like any other city. It’s this massive vibing pool of energy that somehow thrives all the time. Here, you will feel all of it and more.

You get so used to the creepy guy standing in the corner of the street that if you don’t see him on the way to the subway it would feel weird ( Word of Advice: Also when you walk past someone and hear them say, “You’re beautiful”, YOU DON’T SMILE! It doesn’t get creme de la creepier than that. Oh wait it can but that’s another story)

A day never goes by without you walking among fast-paced walking professionals who are very À la mode making you wonder about your sweatshirt. New York is full of them. You will get run down by a pedestrian on the sidewalk, if you don’t watch it. You sit in the park to have your lunch and see these fast-walking corporate professionals and wonder if they ever enjoy their lunch. But that is exactly the thing about life. You have to keep running because you can’t afford to be left behind.

It’s also amazing how every single person you meet at the starting is ‘never from New York’. You see, when you go to a random stranger and ask for subway directions at the starting, everyone you ask will go, “I’m sorry I am new here too”.

And can you call it a day if you haven’t heard one person in your insta use “Concrete Jungle” by Alicia Keys?! Absolutely not. At this point it has become an anthem (Speaking of concrete jungles, does the 601 Lexington avenue building give anyone a mild migraine?). But that song was made for the Manhattan Skyline.

My first week here was bizarre. Because I DID NOT feel overwhelmed. I felt like nothing in my life had changed. People I met said, “I feel so overwhelmed that I am in New York”. All I could think of was the big fat rat I saw running in the streets. Even a walk in the Brooklyn bridge with my friend did not do it. Watching the Manhattan Skyline was nice but I still didn’t get the feels. But the pizza from Grimauldi’s did it. I mean the sauce is just so perfect. New York pizza is worth the hype. They make pizzas better than Trump’s self-esteem.

You get so used to others mispronouncing your name that you don’t even bother to correct them anymore .But it was just plain sad when the Indian guy at the Indian store pronounced it wrong. (I mean my man if you can pronounce Dhal Bhati Churma correctly, then my name is a piece of cake).

You will also notice people changing their entire self faster than a chameleon adapting to it’s surroundings. You see a person you have know for a long time get an accent quicker than Henry VIII switching his wives .You see a guy become a pretentious snob in a span of day after landing here and you hear a lecturer say things like “ This is beyond the money you pay for” (As a Ravenclaw, I felt hurt and disappointed ) .

It’s been 4 months in New York for me now. Four months of living in a city that people dream of. Four months of living in a city that Carrie Bradshaw came to find love (Like why?). Four months of me understanding more of myself. Four months of me forgetting what ‘mirchi’ feels like. But it has slowly become Four months in what I now call Home.

Because somewhere between living and dreaming, there’s New York.



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